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What If? The Original Marvel Series Omnibus HC (2021 Marvel)

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John Buscema Cover

Volume 1 - 1st printing. Collects What If (1977-1984 1st Series) #1-15 and 17-22.

Cover by John Buscema.

What if the Marvel Universe was not as you know it?

Infinite realities offer infinite possibilities for classic creators to unleash their wildest imaginations - and ponder: What if Spider-Man joined the Fantastic Four? Or Captain America rescued Bucky in World War II? Or Doctor Doom became a hero? The FF get different powers! Other people get Spidey's powers! Jane Foster finds the hammer of Thor! The Avengers assemble in the 1950s! Jack Kirby bombards the Marvel Bullpen with cosmic rays, Conan walks the modern day Earth and Doctor Strange becomes a disciple of Dormammu! Peter Parker stops the burglar who killed Uncle Ben, the Hulk keeps Bruce Banner's intellect, the Invaders fight on after World War II and the Invisible Girl marries Namor - plus more thought-provoking tales that make you ask: What If?

Hardcover, 8 1/2-in. x 11-in., 776 pages, full color. Rated T


Written by Roy Thomas, Jim Shooter, Gil Kane, Don Glut, Jack Kirby, Gary Friedrich, Marv Wolfman, Steven Grant, Peter Gillis, Tom DeFalco, Scott Shaw, and Bill Mantlo.

Art by Jim Craig, Pablo Marcos, Herb Trimpe, Tom Sutton, Gil Kane, Klaus Janson, Frank Robbins, Frank Springer, George Tuska, Russ Jones, Jim Craig, Rick Hoberg, Sam Grainger, Alan Kupperberg, Jim Mooney, Bill Black, Dave Hunt, Mike Royer, Sal Buscema, John Buscema, Bill Wray, Ernie Chan, Carmine Infantino, Chic Stone, Tom Sutton, Bruce Patterson, Pat Broderick, Mike Esposito, Alan Kupperberg, Gene Colan, Bob Wiacek, Fred Kida, Dave Simons, Scott Shaw, Walt Simonson, Ross Andrew, Tom Palmer, George Perez, and Jack Kirby.