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Superboy 99 (1962) (VG-)

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Cover pencils by Curt Swan, inks by George Klein. "The Man Who Owned Superboy's Costume!", script by Otto Binder, art by George Papp; Superboy has to go through some elaborate shenanigans to get back his super-costume when he throws it away and a hobo finds it, claims it, and sells it off piecemeal. Homer humor page by Henry Boltinoff. "The Doom that Destroyed Clark Kent!", art by George Papp; When the people of Smallville see Clark Kent consumed by a crystal monster, Superboy has to face the problems of dealing with the monster and resurrecting Clark. "The Kryptonite Kid!", script by Jerry Siegel, art by George Papp; The Kryptonite Kid and his dog are released from their 5th Dimensional jail, come after Superboy, and have him dead to rights, but agree to spare his life if he will let them kill Krypto; He appears to agree, but instead has Krypto lead them through the crimson cosmic cloud that turns Green Kryptonite into Red K. 36 Pages, Full Color. Cover price $0.12.