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Shazam 16 (1973) (FN-)

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100-page giant. Two new stories. "The Man Who Stole Justice!" Script by Elliot Maggin, art by Kurt Schaffenberger. Mary Marvel stars in "The Green-Eyed Monster!" Script by E. Nelson Bridwell, art by Oksner. Reprints: "The Marvel Family Battles the Sneaking Doom" (from Marvel Family 59 in 1951; pencils by C.C. Beck, inks by Pete Costanza), "The Invention Miser" (from Captain Marvel Adventures 103 in 1949; art by Costanza), "Captain Marvel Jr. and the Lazy Genie" (from Captain Marvel Jr. 118 in 1953; art by Bud Thompson), "The World Hater" (from MF 53 in 1950; art by Beck/Costanza), "The Monarch of Money" (from MF 29 in 1948; art by Schaffenberger), and "King Kull and the Seven Sins" not starring the Robert E. Howard Kull, by the way (from CMA 137 in 1952; art by Beck). Oksner cover. Cover price $0.60.