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Sabrina 50 (2003) (VF)

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by Abby Denson & Holly Golightly 50th ANNIVERSARY ISSUE SCARE-LEBRATION! "Monster Advice!": Sabrina's working overtime-literally-as a teen advice columnist for an other-realm magazine! For one thing, she doesn't get letters-she gets instant "pop-up's"-floating heads that pop up when she least expects them, telling her their problems! For another, she's expected to zap right over and help her readers with their problems at a moment's notice! Since it's Halloween, she's busier than usual-and you won't believe the "scarelebrity" clients contacting her, namely Teen Dracula, Teen Frankie, Teen Werewolf and more! Can she patch up the love lives of the young and gruesome and still make it back in time for Harvey's Halloween party? FC, 32pg $2.19 Cover price $2.19.