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Deadlift Collectibles

Marvel Premiere (1979) (FN/VF)

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Cover pencils by Dave Cockrum, inks by Bob McLeod. "The Price of a Heart!", script by David Michelinie, pencils by John Byrne (breakdowns) and Bob Layton (finished art), inks by Bob Layton; Scott Lang, the new Ant-Man, attempts to get Dr. Sondheim out of the clutches of the mutated Darren Cross; However, he underestimates Cross' enhanced abilities and is defeated; His equipment disabled, Scott listens as Cross explains his heart condition and the implantation of a "nucleorganic pacemaker"; The device backfired, not only slowly mutating him into a Neanderthal-like giant but also wearing out his heart, necessitating periodic transplants from unwilling donors; Learning he is to be next in line to be a "donor" Scott manages to fix his equipment and escape, busting back into the surgical theatre just as Dr. Sondheim finished another operation; Ant-Man fights Cross. Next appearance of Ant Man is in Iron Man (Marvel, 1968 series) #125. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.40.