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House of Secrets 98 (1972) (FN)

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Cover art by Mike Kaluta. "Born Losers," script by John Albano, art by Mike Kaluta; A scientist gives Rapp Rankin a boost of strength, but there are side-effects. "The Secret Hero of Center City" hosted by Abel, art by Alex Toth. Abel's Fables cartoon page by Sergio Aragonés. "The Night Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore!", script by Len Wein, pencils by Mike Roy, inks by Mike Peppe (as Mike Pepe); Silas Horn grabs the first train out of town after killing his business partner; Too bad it's the Hades Express. Letter from comics writer Mark Waid. "The Fatal Superstition," art by John Prentice; Burt Roman kills his partner Ed Huggins and blames it on an invented superstition about polka-dot kerchiefs, but the kerchiefs return to extract their own justice. "Happy Birthday, Herman!", art by Adolfo Buylla; Herman kills his wife Martha and buries her in the cellar, but her birthday surprise exposes his crime. 52 Pages, Full Color. Cover price $0.25.