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Fury 1 (2001) (VF/NM) (Signed)

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cover by bill sienkiewicz garth ennis/darick robertson/jimmy palmiotti ? THE SCOOP: Want a fast-paced, irreverent, war/spy thriller laced with a strong dose of very black humor? Then saddle up, soldier! This Mature Readers adventure tells the story of an older, but no wiser, highly p.o.'d Nick Fury who's found himself on the scrap heap and wants nothing more than to go back into action. But the cold war is over, and the days when S.H.I.E.L.D. and Hydra engaged in complex games of strategy and espionage with the fate of the world at stake are gone. Or are they? ? THE STORY: After a brisk firefight in the Mexican desert, Fury discovers both ex-S.H.I.E.L.D. and ex-Hydra personnel among the enemy dead ? further evidence that the glory days when good was good and evil was evil are behind him and fading fast. But a ray of light on the horizon comes from an unexpected source: an old enemy of Nick's is in town, an ex-Hydra soldier who almost killed our grizzled hero ? and vice versa ? more than a dozen times. And Rudy's got an offer for his old adversary... boy, does he! ? THE CREATORS: You want intense? How's this lineup: Garth Ennis (PUNISHER, Preacher) on words, Darick Robertson (Transmetropolitan) on pencils, and Jimmy Palmiotti (PUNISHER) on inks! We even got Bill Sienkiewicz (ELEKTRA ASSASSIN) to supply covers! Now that's hard core! ? THE FORMAT: Each issue of this monthly, six-issue series will be 32 pages, with ads. ? THE WARNING: Contains explicit content. Recommended for Mature Readers. Cover price $2.99.