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Avengers 94 (1971) (G/VG)

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"More Than Inhuman!" Part 6 of 9. Guest-starring Captain Marvel. Script by Roy Thomas. Pencils by Neal Adams and John Buscema. Inks by Tom Palmer. Cover by Neal Adams and Tom Palmer (with John Romita touch-ups). After capturing Captain Marvel, Quicksilver, and the Scarlet Witch last issue; the victorious Super-Skrull pilots his spacecraft to the Himalayas to destroy the Inhumans! But the Vision's interference and the impenetrable dome over the Great Refuge thwart the evil skrull's plan! Frustrated by his failure, the Super-Skrull space warps to the Skrull Throneworld with his three super-powered captives in tow! Meanwhile at Avengers Mansion, Earth's Mightiest Heroes work feverishly to develop a counterpunch for the Kree and the Skrulls! But their most pressing problem turns out to be the Alien Activities Commission and the Mandroids! The Mighty Avengers are stuck...moving at the speed of government! First appearance of the Mandroids. Cameo appearances by Nick Fury, Triton, Mr. Fantastic, and the Thing. Avengers Lineup: Captain America, Goliath, Iron Man, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Thor, and the Vision. First 20¢ issue. 32 pages. Cover price $0.20.