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Avengers 295 (1988) (FN)

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Beggars Would Ride!" Part 2 of 4. Script by Walt Simonson. Art by John Buscema (layouts) and Tom Palmer (finishes). Cover by John Buscema and Tom Palmer. Ravonna plucks a giant mechanical dinosaur from the time stream and sends it to attack Washington D.C.! Once Doctor Druid becomes aware of the Mechanisaurus Rex in the nation's capital, he sends the Mighty Thor to intercept it! But the good (and conniving) doctor doesn't want the thunder god to destroy it, he wants the dinosaur to destroy the thunder god! Who put this guy in charge?! During the battle against the futuristic dinosaur, Thor sends a call for help back to Hydro-Base! Dr. Druid stops She-Hulk from leaving for Washington, but the nearly immobile Black Knight manages to escape! Can the knight's 12th century ebony blade carve up a 41st century dinosaur? Meanwhile the council of Kangs finally realizes what Ravonna (aka Kang Nebula) is planning! And begin mobilizing to prevent her from acquiring the most powerful weapon in the universe! Avengers Lineup: Black Knight, Doctor Druid, She-Hulk, and Thor. (Notes: In a situation similar to Captain Marvel's plight, the blood curse of the ebony blade eventually ends Dane Whitman's time on the Avengers' active roster for several years. The knight's story continues in the four-part Black Knight Limited Series (published in 1990) and Avengers Spotlight 39. The letters page includes a letter from comics publisher Charles Novinskie.) 32 pages Cover price $1.00.