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Avengers 287 (1988) (VF/FN)

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"Invasion!" Part 2 of 5. Plot by Roger Stern. Script by Ralph Macchio. Art by John Buscema (breakdowns) and Tom Palmer (finishes). Cover by John Buscema and Tom Palmer. The Avengers are hot on the trail of the Fixer! And the twisting trail leads to a warehouse complex in suburban Ohio! Prince Namor spearheads the attack on the Fixer's headquarters, and shortly thereafter all five avengers are dealing with a dozen or so deadly devices! But under the direction of Captain Marvel, Earth's Mightiest Heroes survive the Fixer's traps and rescue Mentallo! Usually the Fixer and Mentallo work together, but not this time. Why not? The mystery only deepens after the Avengers return to Hydro-Base, interview Mentallo, stow the awesome android, and discover the comatose Fixer! Who or what is pulling the strings behind the scenes? Cameo appearances by the Fixer, Machine Man, and the Super-Adaptoid. Flashback cameos by Captain America and Hercules. (Notes: The Super-Adaptoid previously appeared in Marvel Two-in-One 75. Mentallo's prior appearance was in Marvel Team-Up 118. The two-panel subplot involving Dan Smallwood and Marrina was never further developed.) 32 pages Cover price $0.75.