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Avengers 253 (1985) (FN+)

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"Conquering Vision" Script by Roger Stern. Art by Bob Hall (breakdowns), Ian Akin (finishes), and Brian Garvey (finishes). Cover by Keith Pollard. With encouragement from ISAAC, the Vision makes his move to seize control of every computer system on Earth! The synthezoid avenger slips through the cyber defenses of the Pentagon, NORAD, SHIELD, and the Kremlin! But along the way, the Avengers' chairman bumps into an electronic super-villain also inside the world's computers! It's Quasimodo! If the Vision can fight past Quasimodo, he'll face Earth's Mightiest Heroes next! Wow! Cameo appearances by the Blood Brothers, Hawkeye, Mockingbird, Tigra, and Wonder Man. Flashback cameos by the Mad Thinker, Necrodamus, Ultron, Iron Man, and the Fantastic Four. Avengers Lineup: Black Knight, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Hercules, Scarlet Witch, Starfox, and the Vision. Last 60¢ issue. (Note: The Vision's actions will have serious consequences for him beginning in West Coast Avengers 42, part 1 of the VisionQuest storyline.) 32 pages Cover price $0.60.